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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-01Assessment of Trypanosoma evansi prevalence and associated risk factors by immune trypanolysis test in camels from Ghardaïa district, southern AlgeriaBenfodil, Karima; Büscher, Philippe; Ansel, Samir; Mohamed Cherif, Abdellah; Abdelli, Amine; Van Reet, Nick; Fettata, Said; Bebronne, Nicolas; Dehou, Sara; Geerts, Manon; Balharbi, Fatima; Bouzid, Riad; Ait-Oudhia, Khatima
2018Association Between Postpartum High Β-Hydroxybutyrate and/or Non-Esterified Fatty Acids and Plasma Metabolites, Body Condition and Reproductive Performance in Dairy CowsAmmar, Kalem; Abdelli, Amine; Raboisson, D.; Kaidi, R.
2020-02-01Association of pregnancy per artificial insemination with gonadotropin-releasing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin administered during the luteal phase after artificial insemination in dairy cows: A meta-analysisBesbaci, M.; Abdelli, Amine; Minviel, J.J.; Belabdi, I.; Kaidi, R.; Raboisson, D.
2017Body condition score, some nutritional parameters in plasma, and subsequent reproductive performance of Montbéliarde cows in AlgeriaKalem, Ammar; Hanzen, Christian; Abdelli, Amine; Kaidi, Rachid
2017-01-01Characterization of dairy cattle feeding systems in Algeria : impact on productive and reproductive performanceAbdelli, Amine; Iguer-Ouda, Mokrane
2020-03-19Comparison of serological and molecular tests for detection of Trypanosoma evansi in domestic animals from Ghardaïa district, South AlgeriaBenfodil, Karima; Büscher, Philippe; Abdelli, Amine; Van Reet, Nick; Mohamed Cherif, Abdellah; Ansel, Samir; Fettata, Said; Dehou, Sara; Bebronne, Nicolas; Geerts, Manon; Balharbi, Fatima; Ait-Oudhia, Khatima
2020-08-25EFFECT OF TREATMENT WITH GnRH OR HCG ON DAY 5 AFTER ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION ON LUTEAL ACTIVITY OF DAIRY COWSAbdelli, Amine; Benabdelaziz, Aldjia; Khelili, Rachid; Belabdi, Ibrahim; Mebarki, Mounir; Kaidi, Rachid
2018Effects of GnRH or hCG on day 11 after artificial insemination in cows luteal activityBesbaci, Mohamed; Abdelli, Amine; Belabdi, I.; Benabdelaziz, A.; Khelili, R.; Mebarki, M; Kaidi, R.
2017-04-15Elevated non-esterified fatty acid and β-hydroxybutyrate in transition dairy cows and their association with reproductive performance and disorders: a meta-analysisAbdelli, Amine; Raboisson, Didier; Ibrahim, Belabdi; Kalem, Amer; Kaidi, Rachid; Iguer-Ouada, Mokrane
2018Factors associated with abnormal resumption of ovarian activity after calving of Holstein-Friesian cows reared in northern AlgeriaSouames, S; Abdelli, Amine; Berrama, Z.
2019-11-18Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with bovine herpesvirus-1 infection in the region of Tiaret, AlgeriaDERRAR, Sofiane; Aggad, Hebib; Hammoudi, Abdelhamid; Saim, Mohamed Said; Ayad, Mohamed Amine; Benzineb, Fatima Zohra; Abdali, Mustapha; Abdelli, Amine