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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-06AMPL: aspect multiple product lineBennouar, Djamal
2020-05AR-ASAG An ARabic Dataset for Automatic Short Answer Grading EvaluationBennouar, Djamal
2017-07-02An Automatic Grading System Based on Dynamic Corpora.Bennouar, Djamal
2018-02-05A Brief Survey on Product Derivation Methods in Software Product LinBennouar, Djamal
2011-05A Component Model for the Synthesis of Communication Interfaces in the Hardware/Software Co-designBennouar, Djamal
2014A Component-Based Product Line for e-Government ApplicationsBennouar, Djamal
2014-11Component-Based Specification of Software Product Line Architecture.Bennouar, Djamal
2010-12-26; 2010-12-26Composing Web Services Using a SoftwareArchitecture Approach, WWS’201Bennouar, Djamal; Bennouar, Djamal
2010Composing Web services using the Integrated Approach to Software ArchitecturBennouar, Djamal
2010-11-08Concrete Evaluation of two approaches to web services composition Orchestration and ChoreographyBennouar, Djamal
2014Customer satisfaction through e-learning software product lineBennouar, Djamal
2011-10Dealing with the Web Services Composition Problem at theArchitectural LevelBennouar, Djamal
2008The design of a complex software system using a software architecture approachBennouar, Djamal
2006The Design of a Complex Software System with ArchJavaBennouar, Djamal
2017-01-06A DSL-based Approach to Product Derivation for Software Product LinBennouar, Djamal
2016A Formal Approach for Maintainability and Availability Assessment Using Probabilistic Model CheckingBennouar, Djamal
2013A Framewor0 for Component and Aspect Oriented Programming in JavaBennouar, Djamal
2013A Framewor0 for Component and Aspect Oriented Programming in JavaBennouar, Djamal
2020-07-03A hybrid re-composition based on components and web servicesBennouar, Djamal
2018-06-19Involving the application domain expert in the construction of systems of systemBennouar, Djamal