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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-05-063-D simulation of induction heating of anisotropic composite materialsBensaid, Samir
2016-10-26Accurate measurement of Aluminum layer thickness in a multilayer material using eddy current sensorBensaid, Samir
2019-01-01Advances in Cleaning Mobile Emissions: NOx-Assisted Soot Oxidation in Light-Duty Diesel Engine Vehicle AppliationBensaid, Samir
2012-12-15After-treatment of household wood-fired stove emissions: From catalyst formulation to full-scale systemBensaid, Samir
2010-11-03Appraisal of a De-NOx System Based on H2 for Light-Duty Diesel Engine VehiclesBensaid, Samir
2020-04-20Aqueous phase reforming of pilot-scale Fischer-Tropsch water effluent for sustainable hydrogen productioBensaid, Samir
2020-04-01Aqueous phase reforming of the residual waters derived from lignin-rich hydrothermal liquefaction: Investigation of representative organic compounds and actual biorefinery streamsBensaid, Samir
2014-02-01Assessing the solar potential of roofs in Valparaíso (ChileBensaid, Samir
2020-08Batch and Flow Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Grape Stalks: Process Intensification Design up to a Multi-Kilo ScaleBensaid, Samir
2018-05-01Bi-eddy current sensor based automated scanning system for thickness measurement of thick metallic platesBensaid, Samir
2015-09-02Biogas robust processing with combined catalytic reformer and trap: BioRobur ProjectBensaid, Samir
2015-10-02Catalysis in Diesel engine NOx aftertreatment: a reviewBensaid, Samir
2016-12-01Catalytic oxidation of CO and soot over Ce-Zr-Pr mixed oxides synthesized in a multi-inlet vortex reactor: effect f structural defects on the catalytic activityBensaid, Samir
2016-04-27Catalytic Performance of γ-Al2O3–ZrO2–TiO2–CeO2 Composite Oxide Supported Ni-Based Catalysts for CO2MethanationBensaid, Samir
2013-11-01CeO2 catalysts with fibrous morphology for soot oxidation: The importance of the soot–catalyst contact conditionsBensaid, Samir
2014-12-01CeO2-based catalysts with engineered morphologies for soot oxidation to enhance soot-catalyst contacBensaid, Samir
2017-07-15Ceria-supported small Pt and Pt3Sn nanoparticles for NOx-assisted soot oxidatioBensaid, Samir
2017-01Ceria‐based nanomaterials as catalysts for CO oxidation and soot combustion: Effect of Zr‐Pr doping and structural properties on the catalytic activityBensaid, Samir
2017-05-15Cerium-copper oxides prepared by solution combustion synthesis for total oxidation reactions: From powder catalysts to structured reactorsBensaid, Samir
2020-01-09Cerium–Copper–Manganese Oxides Synthesized via Solution Combustion Synthesis (SCS) for Total Oxidationof VOCsBensaid, Samir