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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Advancing Water Quality Research: K-Nearest Neighbor Coupled with the Improved Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm Model Unveils New Possibilities for Dry Residue PredictionTahraoui, Hichem; Toumi, Selma; Hassein-Be, Amel Hind; Bousselma, Abla; Sid, Asma Nour El Houda; Belhadj, Abd-Elmouneïm; Triki, Zakaria; Kebir, Mohammed; Amrane, Abdeltif; Zhang, Jie; Assadi, Amin Aymen; Chebli, Derradji; Bouguettoucha, Abdallah; Mouni, Lotfi
2023Aleppo pine seeds (Pinus halepensis Mill.) as a promising novel green coagulant for the removal of Congo red dye: Optimization via machine learning algorithmHadadi, Amina; Imessaoudene, Ali; Bollinger, Jean-Claude; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Amrane, Abdeltif; Tahraoui, Hichem; Mouni, Lotfi
2017Antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of two Algerian Mentha species M. rotundifolia (L.) Huds, M. pulegium L., extracted with different solventsBrahmi, Fatiha; Dahmoune1, Farid; Kadri, Nabil; Chibane, Mohmed; Dairi, Soufiane; Remini, Hocine; Oukmanou-Bensidhoum, Sonia; Mouni, Lotfi; Khodir, Madani
2011Application des bentonites dans le raffinage des huiles: optimisation des quantités utilisées et régénération des déchetsMouni, Lotfi
2010-11-15Application of multivariate statistical methods and inverse geochemical modeling for characterization of groundwater — A case study: Ain Azel plain (Algeria)Belkhiri, Lazhar; Boudoukha, Abderrahmane; Mouni, Lotfi; Baouz, Toufik
2010-11-15Application of multivariate statistical methods and inverse geochemical modeling for characterization of groundwater—a case study: Ain Azel plain (Algeria)Mouni, Lotfi
2010-11-15Application of multivariate statistical methods and inverse geochemical modeling for characterization of groundwater—a case study: Ain Azel plain (Algeria)Belkhiri, Lazhar; Boudoukha, Abderrahmane; Mouni, Lotfi
2023Application of Walnut Shell Biowaste as an Inexpensive Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Dye: Isotherms, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and ModelingFarch, Sabrina; Yahoum, Madiha Melha; Toumi, Selma; Tahraoui, Hichem; Lefnaoui, Sonia; Kebir, Mohammed; Zamouche, Meriem; Amrane, Abdeltif; Zhang, Jie; Hadadi, Amina; Mouni, Lotfi
2018-07-25Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination in Groundwater: A Case Study of the South of Setif Area, East Algeria Authors Lazhar Belkhiri, Ammar Tiri, Lotfi Mouni Publication date 2018/7/25 Journal Achievements and Challenges of Integrated River Basin Management Pages 17 Publisher BoD–Books on Demand Description Heavy metals in groundwater were analyzed and their sources and impacts were identified using multivariate statistical tools and risk assessment. Three significant factors were extracted by factor analysis (FA), explaining 75.69% of total variance. These factors were in turn described by the clusters C3, C2 and C1, respectively, resulting from the cluster analysis (CA). Factor analysis and cluster analysis revealed significant anthropogenic contributions and water-rock interaction effects of the metals in groundwater. The mean values indicated of heavy that the metal groundwater evaluation samples index (HEI) were and contaminated degree of contamination with high degree (Cdeg of) indices pollution by cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb). The hazard quotients (via ingestion) of Cd and Pb were found to be higher than the safe limits, posing threat to the consumers. However, no risk related to the dermal contact was associated with the measured metal levels.Mouni, Lotfi
2022-11-14Bacteria in Soil: Promising Bioremediation Agents in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments for Cereal Growth EnhancementRai, Abdelwahab; Belkacem, Mohamed; Assadi, Imen; Bollinger, Jean‐Claude; Elfalleh, Walid; Assadi, Aymen Amine; Amrane, Abdeltif; Mouni, Lotfi
2009-12-15Batch studies for the investigation of the sorption of the heavy metals Pb2+ and Zn2+ onto Amizour soil (Algeria)Mouni, Lotfi
2016-07-06Chemical associations and sorption capacity of Pb and Zn: column experiments on a polluted soil from the Amizour mining district (Algeria)Mouni, Lotfi; Belkhir, Lazhar; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Jean-Claude, Bollinger
2023Comparative Investigation of the Effect of EggshellPowder and Calcium Carbonate as Additivesin Eco-Friendly Polymer Drilling FluidsSid, Asma Nour El Houda; Tahraoui, Hichem; Kebir, Mohammed; Bezzekhami, Mohammed Amin; Kouini, Benalia; Hassein-Bey, Amel Hind; Selma, Toumi; Amrane, Abdeltif; Imessaoudene, Ali; Mouni, Lotfi
2022Comparison of Four Plant-Based Bio-Coagulants Performances against Alum and Ferric Chloride in the Turbidity Improvement of Bentonite Synthetic WaterHadadi, Amina; Imessaoudene, Ali; Bollinger, Jean-Claude; Assadi, Aymen Amine; Mouni, Lotfi
2023Complete Elimination of the Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic from Water by the Combination of Adsorption–Photocatalysis Process Using Natural Hydroxyapatite and TiO2Cheikh, Sabrina; Imessaoudene, Ali; Bollinger, Jean-Claude; Hadadi, Amina; Manseri, Amar; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Assadi, Aymen; Amrane, Abdeltif; Zamouche, Meriem; El Jery, Atef; Mouni, Lotfi
2023Designing an Efficient Surfactant–Polymer–Oil–Electrolyte System: A Multi-Objective Optimization StudyNedjhioui, Mohammed; Nasrallah, Noureddine; Kebir, Mohammed; Tahraoui, Hichem; Bouallouche, Rachida; Assadi, Aymen Amin; Amrane, Abdeltif; Jaouadi, Bassem; Zhang, Jie; Mouni, Lotfi
2023Development of New Alkylated Carrageenan Derivatives: Physicochemical, Rheological, and Emulsification Properties AssessmentToumi, Selma; Yahoum, Madiha Melha; Lefnaoui, Sonia; Hadjsadok, Abdelkader; Sid, Asma Nour El Houda; Hassein-Bey, Amel Hind; Amrane, Abdeltif; Zhang, Jie; Assadi, Amin Aymen; Mouni, Lotfi
2009-12-07E ´ tude et caracte´risation physico-chimique des eaux de l’oued Soummam (Alge´rie)Mouni, Lotfi