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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-20Contribution to Study Monitoring Systems of Air QualityREZKI, Mohamed
2019-04Detecting Lie-A Practical ApproachREZKI, Mohamed
2019Detecting Lie-A Practical Approach Detecting Lie-A Practical ApproachREZKI, Mohamed
2017-03-10Detection of muscle fatigue, from statistical methods to software applicationsREZKI, Mohamed
2018Detection of muscle fatigue: relative study with different methodREZKI, Mohamed
2017-03-21Electrical design of a photovoltaic panel incorporated in an Algerian-three phase gridREZKI, Mohamed
2020-01-01Estimating the total size of coronavirus epidemic in Algeria via different approacheREZKI, Mohamed
2019-04Estimation of daily vertical solar irradiation by the use of meteorological dataREZKI, Mohamed
2017Estimation of Solar Radiation Received on a horizontal surface: a case study in BouiraREZKI, Mohamed
2019-11-26Five PV Model Parameters Determination Through PSO and Genetic Algorithm, a Comparative StudyREZKI, Mohamed
2014Functional Analysis of a Suspended Gate Transistor Consecrated to Medical ApplicationsREZKI, Mohamed
2014Gear Fault Diagnosis Across Autocorrelation of Optimal Wavelet TransformsREZKI, Mohamed
2015-12-18An indirect adaptive type-2 fuzzy sliding mode PSS design to damp power system oscillationsREZKI, Mohamed
2013Opportunities of the Silicon Technology in AlgeriaREZKI, Mohamed
2014Piezoelectric Materials: Towards A Powerful Selection Tool From a Specific User Open ChartREZKI, Mohamed
2014-12-12Search of a robust defect signature in gear systems across adaptive Morlet wavelet of vibration signalsREZKI, Mohamed
2017-05-22Simulation and Modeling of a Five-Level (NPC) Inverter Fed by a Photovoltaic Generator and Integrated in a Hybrid Wind-PV Power SystemREZKI, Mohamed
2017Standard Paper: A New Design of the P & O MPPT Tracking Method Dedicated To a Photovoltaic SiteREZKI, Mohamed
2017-10-29Study of muscle fatigue across typical physical exercise by using different techniques of analysisREZKI, Mohamed
2015-12-18Wavelet transforms coefficients and autocorrelation of gear system for early damage detectionREZKI, Mohamed