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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Numerical methods of microirrigation lateral designAhmed, KETTAB
2020-08-18Numerical modelling of the passage from free surface to pressurized flow in a closed pipeAhmed, KETTAB
2015-03Numerical simulation of single‐bubble dynamics in high‐viscosity ionic liquids using the level‐set methodBensaid, Samir
2010-01-01Numerical simulation of soot filtration and combustion within diesel particulate filtersBensaid, Samir
2003Numerical simulation of turbulent flow upstream of the inception point in a stepped channelAhmed, KETTAB
2009Numerical simulation of two dimensional torrential flows through progressive channel expansionAhmed, KETTAB
2019-07-01A nutraceutical extract from Inula viscosa leaves: UHPLC-HR-MS/MS based polyphenol profile, and antioxidant and cytotoxic activitiesMadani, Khodir
2018Nutrient composition of Algerian strawberry-tree fruits (Arbutus unedo L.)Madani, Khodir
2016-06-30Nutrition adaptée aux sportifsBrahmi, Fairouz; Cheriet, mohamed El hacène El maamoun
2002-07-01N′, N′-Dibenzyl-N-(2-bromoéthyl) sulfamidBenali-Cherif, Nourredine
2002-05-01N′, N′-Dibenzyl-N-(2-chloroéthyl) sulfamideBenali-Cherif, Nourredine
2017Obstacles à La Création Et La Pérennité Des Pme/tpe Dans La Wilaya De BouiraHamitouche, Siham; Kherbachi, Hamid
2018Obstacles facing Africa’s young climate scientistsSalim, Lamine
2022-07-20ODEJ الإتصال المناسباتي في المؤسسة الجزائرية: دراسة ميدانية في ديوان مؤسسات الشباب لولاية البويرةتالي, لبنى
2019Offline Signature Verification Using Textural Descriptorsmouloud, ayad
2013-06The Old Man and The Sea » - « Amaɣar d yillel » : Tazrawt takennitGUETTAF, Mohamed; CHOUIMET, Ali
2020-04-30Olive cake and leaf extracts as valuable sources of antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds: a comparative studyMOUDACHE, Messaad
2012On modeling chronic detachment of periphyton in artificial rough, open channel flowAhmed, KETTAB
2015-09-15On the probabilistic verification of time constrained sysml state machineBennouar, Djamal
2015-09-15On the probabilistic verification of time constrained sysml state machinesdjamel, bennouar