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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-11-29B and CTL responses to the ALK protein in patients with ALK-positive ALCLAit-Tahar, Kamel; Cerundolo, Vincenzo; H. Banham, Alison
2018-06-28Bacilloscopie direct dans le diagnostic de la Tuberculose pulmonaireAIS, Samia; AIS, Kenza
2017-06-29Bactéries multirésistantes dans l’environnement Recherche dans les eaux usées de la ville de BouiraMAMERI, Said
2019-12the Basic Motor Skills In Sports Activity And It's Relationship With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (adhdNacerbey, Karima; Benabderrahmane, Sidali
2020-08Batch and Flow Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Grape Stalks: Process Intensification Design up to a Multi-Kilo ScaleBensaid, Samir
2009-12-15Batch studies for the investigation of the sorption of the heavy metals Pb2+ and Zn2+ onto Amizour soil (Algeria)Mouni, Lotfi
2015-09-04BEA-إدارة مخاطر الإئتمان وأثرها على السياسة الإئتمانية في البنوك التجارية –دراسة حالة بالبنك الخارجي الجزائروفاء بن يوسف
2009Bearing in mind the considerable distances between natural gas fields and consumers’ appliances, transport by gas pipelines remains the most competitive means. These gas pipelines which are generally madeof steel pipes may contain however several types of defects of various originsand which are susceptible to initiate cracks which may grow under some circumstances to such extent as to lead to fracture. Failures of gas pipelines may have serious consequences and may lead to catastrophes from ecological and financial viewpoints. It is therefore interesting to study the defect admissibility so as to maximize safety and minimize exploitation costs through a simplified method based on the Failure Assessment Diagram (FAD). The latter is used in conjunction with Finite Element Analysis (FEM) applied to fracture mechanics to help decision making as to whether a given defect present in a pipe is acceptable or not. Keywords: Cracks, Finite elements, Gas pipelines, FAD.abdelbaki, nouredine
2014-10-01Bed roughness effect on flow field in rectangular shallow reservoirAhmed, KETTAB
2015-01-01Behavior of confined concrete beam by induced compression processBOUAMRA, Youcef
2017-01-01Behavior of damaged concrete cylinders passively confinedBOUAMRA, Youcef
2012Behavior of reinforced concrete beams by confined oblique rodsAIT TAHAR, kamal
2019-01-01Behavior of short concrete cylinders partially confined with GFRP compositesBOUAMRA, Youcef
2012Behavior of the Composite Lightweight ConcreteAIT TAHAR, Amad
2017-09-02Behaviour of a new graded beam reinforced with externally bonded composite sheets: theoretical and experimental studiesAIT TAHAR, kamal
2021-09Behaviour to failure of fibre mat reinforced composite under combined loading conditionshaiahem, ammar
2011-09Behaviour to failure of fibre mat reinforced composite under combined loading conditionshaiahem, ammar
2013-01Benzannulated Cycloheptanones from Binaphthyl PlatformsKamal, Sbargoud
2018-05-01Bi-eddy current sensor based automated scanning system for thickness measurement of thick metallic platesBensaid, Samir