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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-01Prograde and retrograde evolution of eclogite from Adrar Izzilatène (Egéré-Aleksod terrane, Hoggar, Algeria) determined from chemical zoning and pseudosections, with geodynamic …Doukkari, Sid Ali; Ouzegane, Khadidja; Godard, Gaston; FA Diener, Johann; Kienast, Jean-Robert; Liégeois, Jean-Paul; Arab, Amar; Drareni, Amar
2014-11-01Phase relationships and P–T path in NCFMASHTO system of the eclogite from the Tighsi area (Egere terrane, Central Hoggar, Algeria)Doukkari, Sid Ali; Ouzegane, Khadidja; Arab, Amar; Kienast, Jean-Robert; Godard, Gaston; Drareni, Amar; Zetoutou, Souad; Liégeois, Jean-Paul
2018-11-12Petrography, Mineralogyand Thermodynamic Modeling of Eclogitesfrom the Serkout Area, Central Hoggar,AlgeriaDoukkari, Sidali; Godard, Gaston; Ouzegane, Khadidja; Arab, Amar; Bendaoud, Abderrahmane
2015-05-01Phase equilibria modeling of kyanite-bearing eclogitic metapelites in the NCKFMASHTO system from the Egere terrane (Central Hoggar, South Algeria)Arab, Amar; Ouzegane, Khadidja; Drareni, Amar; Doukkari, Sidali; Zetoutou, Souad; Kienast, Jean-Robert
2018-11-12The First Example of Kyanit-Staurolite-Garnet–Bearing Metapelites from the Hoggar (Egéré Terrane, South Algeria)Arab, Amar; Ouzegane, Khadidja; Bendaoud, Abderrahmane; Doukkari, Sidali; Godard, Gaston
2023The Egéré Paleo-Mesoproterozoic rifted passive margin of the LATEA metacraton (Central Hoggar, Tuareg Shield, Algeria) subducted and exhumed during the Pan-African orogeny: U-Pb zircon ages, P-T-t paths, geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopesOuzegane, Khadidja; Liégeois, Jean-Paul; Doukkari, Sidali; Kiénast, Jean-Robert; Arab, Amar; Drareni, Amar; Gärtner, Andreas; Linnemann, Ulf