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Title: Degradation kinetic modelling of ascorbic acid and colour intensity in pasteurised blood orange juice during storage
Authors: Remini, Hocine
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2015
Publisher: university bouira
Citation: Elsevier
Abstract: The stability of ascorbic acid and colour intensity in pasteurised blood orange juice (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck) during one month of storage was investigated at 4–37 °C. The effects of ascorbic acid fortification (at 100, 200 mg L−1) and deaeration, temperature/time storage on the kinetic behaviour were determined. Ascorbic acid was monitored by HPLC–DAD and colour intensity by spectrophotometric measurements. Degradation kinetics were best fitted by first-order reaction models for both ascorbic acid and colour intensity. Three models (Arrhenius, Eyring and Ball) were used to assess the temperature-dependent degradation. Following the Arrhenius model, activation energies were ranged from 51 to 135 kJ mol−1 for ascorbic acid and from 49 to 99 kJ mol−1 for colour intensity. The effect of storage temperature and deaeration are the most influent factors on kinetics degradation, while the fortification revealed …
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