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Title: Fucans from a Tunisian brown seaweed Cystoseira barbata: structural characteristics and antioxidant activity
Authors: Sellimi, sabrine
Kadri, Nabil
Barragan-Montero, Veronique
Laouer, Hocine
Hajji, Mohamed
Nasri, Moncef
Keywords: Cystoseira barbata
Antioxidant activity
Issue Date: 1-May-2014
Publisher: Université de Bouira
Citation: International journal of biological macromolecules 66 Elsevier
Abstract: Sulfated polysaccharides from brown seaweeds are known to be a topic of numerous studies, due to their beneficial biological properties including antioxidant activity. Fucans were isolated from the brown seaweed Cystoseira barbata harvested in Tunisia. ATR-FTIR and 1H-NMR spectroscopies demonstrated that C. barbata sulfated polysaccharides (CBSPs) consisted mainly of 3-linked-α-l-fucopyranosyl backbone, acetylated and mostly sulfated at C-4. Molar degrees of sulfation and acetylation of CBSPs were 0.79 and 0.27, respectively. Neutral sugars analysis determined by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) showed that CBSPs were mainly composed of fucose (44.6%) and galactose (34.32%) with few amounts of other sugars such as glucose (7.55%), rhamnose (6.41%), xylose (4.21%) and mannose (2.91%). CBSPs were examined for in vitro antioxidant properties using various antioxidant assays. CBSPs exhibited important DPPH radical-scavenging activity (100% inhibition at a concentration of 1.5 mg/ml) and considerable ferric reducing potential (24.62 mg ascorbic acid equivalents). Effective chelating activity and significant protection activity against hydroxyl radical induced DNA breakage were also recorded for CBSPs. However, in the linoleate-β-carotene system, CBSPs exerted moderate antioxidant activity (62% inhibition at a concentration of 1.5 mg/ml). Therefore, CBSPs can be used as a potent natural antioxidant in food industry or in the pharmaceutical field.
ISSN: 0141-8130
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