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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Enhanced electrocoagulation–electroflotation for turbidity removal by Opuntia ficus indica cladode mucilageDjerroud, Naima; Adjeroud, Nawel; Felkai-Haddache, Lamia; Hammoui, Yasmina; Remini, Hocine; Dahmoune, Farid; Merzouk, Belkacem; Madan, Khodir
2015: Extraction, Characterization and gelling behavior enhancement of pectins from the cladodes of Opuntia ficus indicaLefsih, Khalef; Delattre, Cedric; Pierre, Guillaume; Michaud, Philippe; . Aminabhavi, Tejraj; Dahmoune, Farid; Madani, Khodir
2016Phenolic compounds from Citrusleaves:antioxidant activity and enzymatic browning inhibitionKhettal, Bachra; Kadr, Nabil; Tighilet, Karim; Adjebli, Ahmed; Dahmoune, Farid; Maiza-Benabdeslam, Fadila
2016Microwave optimization of mucilage extraction from Opuntia ficus indica CladodesFelkai-Haddache, Lamia; Dahmoune, Farid; Remini, Hocine; Lefsih, Khalef; Mouni, Lotfi; Madani, Khodir
2015Ultrasound assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from P. lentiscus L. leaves: Comparative study of artificial neural network (ANN) versus degree of experiment for prediction ab...Dahmoune, Farid; Remini, Hocine; Dairi, Sofiane; Aoun, Omar; Moussi, Kamal; Bouaoudia-Madi, Nadia; Adjeroud, Nawel; Kadri, Nabil; Lefsih, Khalef; Boughan, Lhadi; Mouni, Lotfi; Nayak, Balunkeswar; Madan, Khodir
2015Comparison of Microwave, Ultrasound and Accelerated-Assisted Solvent Extraction for Recovery of Polyphenols from Citrus Sinensis PeelsNayak, Balunkeswar; Dahmoune, Farid; Moussi, Kamal; Remini, Hocine; Dairi, Sofiane; Aoun, Omar; Khodir, Madani
2017Antioxidant effects of extra virgin olive oil enriched by myrtle phenolic extracts on iron-mediated lipid peroxidation under intestinal conditions modelDahmoune, Farid
2017Pectin from Opuntia ficus indica: Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction and preliminary characterizationDahmoune, Farid
2016Full factorial design optimization of anti-inflammatory drug release by PCL–PEG–PCL microspheresDahmoune, Farid
2017Optimisation Of Solvent Extraction Of Antioxidants (Phenolic Compounds) From Algerian Mint ( Mentha spicata L. )Dahmoune, Farid