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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03-02Detailed investigation on soot particle size distribution during DPF regeneration, using standard and bio-diesl fuelsBensaid, Samir
2017-11-05CuO nanoparticles supported by ceria for NOx-assisted soot oxidation: insight into catalytic activity and sinteringBensaid, Samir
2014-12-15Influence on the performance and emissions of an automotive Euro 5 diesel engine fueled with F30 from FarnsaneBensaid, Samir
2012-04-01Direct liquefaction of ligno-cellulosic residues for liquid fuel productionBensaid, Samir
2016-12-01Catalytic oxidation of CO and soot over Ce-Zr-Pr mixed oxides synthesized in a multi-inlet vortex reactor: effect f structural defects on the catalytic activityBensaid, Samir
2018-06-15Nanostructured equimolar ceria-praseodymia for NOx-assisted soot oxidation: Insight into Pr dominance overPt nanoparticles and metal–support interactionBensaid, Samir
2015-01Development of a photosynthetic microbial electrochemical cell (PMEC) reactor coupled with dark fermentation f organic wastes: medium term perspectivesBensaid, Samir
2014-02-15Flow field simulation and mixing efficiency assessment of the multi-inlet vortex mixer for molybdenum sulfide nanoparticle precipitationBensaid, Samir
2014-02-01Assessing the solar potential of roofs in Valparaíso (ChileBensaid, Samir
2018-01-01Novel Mn–Cu-Containing CeO2 Nanopolyhedra for the Oxidation of CO and Diesel Soot: Effect of Dopants on the Nanostructure and Catalytic ActivityBensaid, Samir