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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Economic study of groundwater defluoridation of the North African Sahara (2014)Lounici, Hakim
2012The nuclear power in the service of the environment: Atmospheric trace element determination using neutron activation analysis (2012) 2nd International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications, EFEA 2012Lounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Removal of Malathion Pesticide from Polluted Solutions by Electrocoagulation: Modeling of Experimental Results using Response Surface Methodology (2013) Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia)Lounici, Hakim
2013Water denitrification by a hybrid process combining a new bioreactor and conventional electrodialysis (2013) Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process IntensificationLounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Protein recovery by ultrafiltration during isolation of chitin from shrimp shells Parapenaeus longirostris (2013) Food HydrocolloidsLounici, Hakim
2012-02-02Metribuzin with electro-activated granular carbon (2012) Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process IntensificationLounici, Hakim
2008-05-01Sorption of cadmium and copper ions on naturals and synthetic hydroxylapatite particles. Materials CharacterizationLounici, Hakim
2012-01-02Coagulation Flocculation Test of Keddara's Water Dam Using Chitosan and Sulfate Aluminium OriginalLounici, Hakim
2013Modeling and qualitative study of diesel biodegradation using biopile process in sandy soilLounici, Hakim
2013Denitrification of groundwater using Brewer's spent grain as biofilter mediaLounici, Hakim