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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of two Algerian Mentha species M. rotundifolia (L.) Huds, M. pulegium L., extracted with different solventsBrahmi, Fatiha; Dahmoune1, Farid; Kadri, Nabil; Chibane, Mohmed; Dairi, Soufiane; Remini, Hocine; Oukmanou-Bensidhoum, Sonia; Mouni, Lotfi; Khodir, Madani
2016-07-06Chemical associations and sorption capacity of Pb and Zn: column experiments on a polluted soil from the Amizour mining district (Algeria)Mouni, Lotfi; Belkhir, Lazhar; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Jean-Claude, Bollinger
2017Evaluation of potential health risk of heavy metals in groundwater using the integration of indicator kriging and multivariate statistical methodsBelkhiri, Lazhar; Mouni, Lotfi; Sheikhy Narany, Tahoora; Tiri, Ammar
2014Geochemical Characterization of Surface Water and Groundwater in Soummam Basin, AlgeriaBelkhiri, Lazhar; Mouni, Lotfi
2016Microwave optimization of mucilage extraction from Opuntia ficus indica CladodesFelkai-Haddache, Lamia; Dahmoune, Farid; Remini, Hocine; Lefsih, Khalef; Mouni, Lotfi; Madani, Khodir
2013Monometal and competitive sorption of heavy metals in mine soils:Influence of mine soil characteristicsMouni, Lotfi; Belkhiri, Lazhar; Merabet, Djoudi; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim
2017-02-15Interactions between Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn and four different mine soilsMouni, Lotfi; Belkhiri, Lazhar; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Bollinger, Jean-Claude
2018Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solutions by adsorption on Kaolin:Kinetic and equilibrium studiesMouni, Lotfi; Belkhiri, Lazhar; Bollinger, Jean-Claude; Bouzaza, Abdelkrim; Assadi, Aymen; Tirri, Amar; Dahmoun, Farid; Madani, Khodir; Remini, Houcine
2013Removal of Pb (II) from aqueous solution by adsorption using activated carbon developed from Apricot stone: equilibrium and kineticMouni, Lotfi; Belkhiri, Lazhar; Zouggaghe, Fatah; Tafer, Mourad
2016Multivariate statistical analysis of the groundwater of Ain Djacer area (Eastern of Algeria)Bencer, Said; Boudoukha, Abderrahmane; Mouni, Lotfi