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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-02Biodegradation of malathion with indigenous acclimated activated sludge in batch mode and in continuous-flow packed-bed reactorLounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Optimization of medium composition for enhanced chitin extraction from Parapenaeus longirostris by Lactobacillus helveticus using response surface methodologyLounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Modeling and qualitative study of diesel biodegradation using biopile process in sandy soil (2013) International Biodeterioration and BiodegradationLounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Denitrification of groundwater using Brewer's spent grain as biofilter media (2013) Ecological EngineeringLounici, Hakim
2013-01-02Biohydrogen production by dark and photo-fermentation processesLounici, Hakim
2013-01Anticancer activity of chemically prepared shrimp low molecular weight chitin evaluation with the human monocyte leukaemia cell line, THP-1 (2013) International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 52Lounici, Hakim
2012-01Characterization and properties of Pleurotus mutilus fungal biomass as adsorbent of the removal of uranium(VI) from uranium leachate (2013) Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 295Lounici, Hakim
2012-01Microbiological aspects study of bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soils by biopile technique (2012) International Biodeterioration and BiodegradationLounici, Hakim
2011-02-01Radiation synthesis of chitosan beads grafted with acrylic acid for metal ions sorptionLounici, Hakim
2014-01-02Economic study of groundwater defluoridation of the North African Sahara(2014) Desalination and Water Treatment,Lounici, Hakim